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In the Media
Why InsiprACEtion?

January 18th, 2015 I was in a motorcycle accident, leaving me paralyzed from the chest down. Project #inspirACEtion started as a viral video challenge for Polaris. They gave 11 media outlets an Ace and asked what can the Ace do. John Pellen from UTV Scene believed it could change lives.

After hearing about my accident and knowing I have raced in the GNCC Series since 2005 Pellen knew I would be the perfect candidate to get back on the track and do just what he thought the Ace could do, change lives. He contacted Racer Tech out of Holland, Michigan a fabrication company that he knew could get the job done.

Racer Tech built a custom Polaris ACE for me, equipped with a great set of hand controls. The goal is to inspire everyone that just because they are paralyzed does not mean their life is over, and to also educate people that being paralyzed is not just being in a wheelchair. We were not expecting it to blow up as big as it has, reaching Europe and even gaining national media attention on the Today Show. We are touching lives through not only my progress in physical therapy but also the fact I still compete in races.

Road to Recovery
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