Dundee Dempsey

President, CEO and Co-Founder

With over three decades of experience working in the corporate sector, Dundee Dempsey has leveraged her global experience to expand and advance the mission of several organizations.

Dundee was appointed as the President and CEO of the Wheel With Me Foundation in 2013. Dundee is responsible for setting the overarching vision for the Wheel With Me Foundation. Focusing her efforts to rally support for initiatives that support spinal cord injury education and getting spinal cord injury patients back to living an independent life.  

Jesi Stracham

Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Jesi Stracham is the visionary and co-founder of the Wheel With Me Foundation. Jesi amplifies the voice of individuals living with paralysis and brings to light its day to day challenges.


Through her own experiences, Jesi shares a real life view into the world of someone with a spinal cord injury. The content Jesi shares is focused on igniting advocacy and mobilizing support around a powerful purpose.  Through events, appearances and social media she engages multiple communities across traditional and non-traditional markets.


Kevin Dempsey

Director, Operations

Kevin has been with the Wheel With Me Foundation since its inception. As Operations Director he oversees all office operations and assists on project based initiatives.


Kevin has a passion for the Wheel With Me Foundation mission and is dedicated to the organization.


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